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Why Create A Customer Profile

Understanding your guest is the fundamental aspect of marketing. If we understand our guests, we can market and sell to them better period. There is nothing clearer than that. Unfortunately, this is a common marketing mistake, because we either don’t want to turn away...

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Tips On Branding – Don’t Be Misunderstood

When you started your tourism business and created your name, logo and URL, did you say to yourself, "Yeah, now I have a brand!" Well, you have one, but it’s only part of a brand, not a whole brand. Sorry to break the news to you, but your branding work isn't done...

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Tourism Marketing Plan: How to Avoid Tactics

Hey there, I'm back with another Tourism Marketing Problem, to find out if you are also facing this issue that I find with a number of my clients.  This problem is when tourism owner and operators who: do a lot of TACTICAL marketing and sales activities that don’t...

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Do You Manage Guest Reviews Effectively?

I want to talk to you about a common problem I see consistently in the travel and tourism industry.  It is when is a hotel, tour, attraction or transport owners or operators don’t use guest reviews effectively to improve their business results:  Perhaps these...

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The Guest Journey: What You Need to Know

Hi, It's Dorene again and I'm back to talk to you about another common industry problem.  This one is related to your guests, specifically the guest journey they go through from the time they even hear about your brand to the time they depart it. This is a common...

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Your Tourism Target Market Is Not This

There is a common problem in the tourism industry and its when travel and tourism brands: choose “every traveler” as their tourism target market. (also known as your target guest or target audience)This strategy does not work. It is impossible to be relevant to...

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What Is Branding? It Is Not This.

What is branding?  Before we get to this I want to talk to you about a symptom that relates to this. I want to talk to you about a common problem I often see with Tourism businesses. It is when hotel, tour, attraction, event or transport owners and operators: create a...

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The Causes Of A Wasted Advertising Budget

One problem I see all the time with our tourism clients is that they waste their advertising budget before they fully understand their target guest or their own brand. Have you ever seen an advertisement online and you quickly DELETE the ad because it is not at all...

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Pricing Mistakes In The Tourism Industry

Pricing your tourism products or services is not an easy task, and often  pricing mistakes in the tourism industry can result (i.e. Pricing too low or too high) Watch this video below to find out the problem that I see all the time with hotels, tours, transport...

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