As full-time travelers, we have booked fantastic hotel rooms,

 joined memorable tours, ate at great restaurants, 

but, sometimes, we are surprised to see so few guests?

It wasn’t because these tourism brands offered a poor experience.

They FAILED to connect with their IDEAL guest nor STAND OUT amongst all their competitors.

OFTEN, these problems can be avoided with easy marketing fundamentals.

But as a tourism owner and operator, we know you are BUSY.

You have to run your business everyday, who has the time or energy to figure-out marketing that works?

We want to help.

We’re Troy and Dorene. We are travelers, in fact, we live, work and travel full-time.

We are marketing veterans with 20+ years of experience each, working in hospitality and entertainment in Marketing and Television roles with big companies in Canada.

We don’t work with big companies anymore because we want to use our skills to help entrepreneurs like you, in an industry we love; Tourism.


Because we believe that travel opens up minds, changes attitudes, and abolishes prejudices. By helping you promote your business, we will enable new attitudes and perspectives. And we want to help you succeed.

We want to help you create positive memories for your guests. We want that guest to remember your hotel, or enjoy and recall your tour forever, because you created a lasting impression. Maybe it even changed their views of the world in some way. 

We can help you with that.

Creating a great experience is good, BUT having a business that builds a return on Investment (ROI) is important too.

You need to earn a living, and pay your staff and suppliers too.

But a good ROI means you can't afford the cost of an expensive agency to do your marketing.

We are an efficient and effective marketing duo (and we happen to be a married too).

We use our advanced marketing skills to work with travel clients like you from all over the world. 

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Live Your Legend

I've worked with Troy and Dorene on projects for a few years now. Working with them is effortless as they are creative geniuses that will take your media and craft into a piece that tells a story that touches people at a deep level. There is always the right amount of information, combined with wonderful flow and succinct messaging. Whether you have a vision of what you want or you have no idea, they will make your project a beautifully unforgettable one. Can't wait to use Travel Life Media for my next video project!

Peepal Farm

Dorene and Troy worked with us at our animal recovery center in India for three weeks. They took the time to really understand our philosophy, what we are trying to do, and helped us develop a brand strategy that encompassed all of it neatly and cohesively. Throughout it all, they continued to check in with us to make sure they were reflecting our message. They created a brand plan, and several videos, that captured the heart of what we are trying to do in their content and one of the videos was even watched over half a million times!

Impulse Travel

Troy and Dorene have a unique combination of skills. They are authentic world travelers, and understand the travel industry from the viewpoint of a final customer and also of a B2B company. This helped us understand identify our strengths and opportunities. With Dorene's thorough skills in marketing, we received marketing consultancy in tandem with video creation with Troy's efficient and amazingly well-produced video work. They delivered a fantastic service and totally exceeded our expectations.

Colombia Immersion Spanish School

What I liked most about working with Dorene is her effort beforehand to understand us first before taking any other steps. She organiszed enough space to carefully listen and finding our identity, our reason for existing. This gave me a very good feeling that she was going to ‘get’ us and understand our needs.

It was amazing to see how she handled that process and the great amount of impact she’s had on not only our marketing, but on the whole organization, communication and our team development. The way that we’re approaching challenges now and making decisions is different than before.

Working with Dorene is very easy, she’s very knowledgable and experienced, and that’s noticeable right away. She’s always well prepared, professional and follows up with everything that was agreed on. I’m very grateful that I got to know Dorene and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone.


Troy and Dorene has provided exceptional video content for Pacsafe over the past year. With a product line that contains a range of technical and anti-theft features, They do an incredible job of showcasing the benefits of Pacsafe products in real-life travel settings. Would highly recommend them for any travel-related video production or content.

Good Life Project™

Troy edited a video montage that told the story of a life well-lived through the lens of more than 30 guests who'd appeared on the Good Life Project® web-series. His choice of moments, production value, editing and sound created an incredibly moving compilation that not only shared wisdom, but also filled us with emotion and represented our "brand" beautifully to the world.

Salt Escapes Nicaragua

Dorene is knowledgeable in so many aspects of marketing and business and now we have an exceptional detailed and professional, business and marketing plan ready to share with investors. As well she facilitated all our branding development, ensuring we look professional to our investors. Troy built an outstanding website for us, combined with video to effectively present our offerings of vacation properties, special events and our restaurant business to foreign travelers from all over the world.

La Mesa Food Tours

Creativity, Quality and Results. Troy and Dorene are absolute professionals who bring creativity and quality to their work. After a quick conversation, they delivered an awesome new promo video that has gotten a ton of attention for our food tours!

Chelsea Dinsmore Chief Inspiration Officer
Joellen Anderson Co-Founder & Co-Owner
Rodrigo Atuesta CEO and Co-owner
Erica Borgardijn Founder
Will Crumpacker Marketing Operations Manager, North America Pacsafe Travel Gear
Jonathan Fields Author, founder of Good Life Project™
Rachel Llewellyn Co-Founder
Nicole Co-founder