We believe that the better your tourism marketing, the more you can show your guests how to respect, appreciate and create a better world.


As full-time travelers, we have booked fantastic hotel rooms, joined memorable tours and enjoyed attractions, but often, we are surprised to see so few guests?

It wasn’t because these tourism brands offered a poor experience. They FAILED to connect with their IDEAL guest nor STAND OUT amongst all their competitors. OFTEN, these problems can be avoided with marketing fundamentals. But as a tourism owner and operator, we know you are BUSY. You have to run your business every day, who has the time or energy to figure-out marketing that works?

Dorene and Troy picture in Hong Kong- marketing and media experts


25+ year Marketing, Media and Video
Production Experts Who Travel Full time.

It started like this:


I (Dorene) had nothing left. 

I was done. I was completely disillusioned by what was happening at work. It was like I was in a wrestling match between my values, and what I was supposed to believe in. 

Because of it, I was prepared to walk away from a successful marketing career I developed over my entire working life.
I was told that profits came first, unfortunately, what was right for our customers and our employees was not the top of the list.

I don’t believe that profits should ever be ahead of inspiring and caring for our customers and treating our staff the way I would want to be treated. In fact, an environment of respect and service for customers AND staff enables a successful business.

Purpose and values are everything.

Don’t get me wrong. I learned many of my valuable marketing skills in the corporate world.
I grew up in the corporate world, learned valuable marketing skills there. I created effective marketing campaigns for iconic brands like Budweiser, Bud light, Stella Artois beer, Jim Beam, Macallan Scotch, Makers Mark Bourbon; just to name a few. I built successful ad campaigns and promotions, award-winning social media and digital marketing strategies, launched over 100 products, and worked with some fantastic hotels, bars, and restaurants. I made a lot of profits for those companies too. Those eighteen incredible years honed my marketing, management, and leadership skills.
I felt stuck. I valued the staff and team I worked with, and felt helpless to make a move.

The void in my life was too painful to ignore.

I dreamed of a world where I could:

– work with people who also seek out meaningful work.

– work with people who want to make a difference in the world.

– work in an environment where people respect and appreciate humans as individuals.

– help people in an industry that can positively change the world.

Isn’t Life is too short to not do meaningful work?

It’s the question that led to making a massive life overhaul.
With my husband Troy, we changed our lives and careers completely.

We left our home country of Canada, our longstanding careers, and our traditional lifestyles to travel, live, and work full time. Our goal was to experience more of the gifts that travel gave us.Travel made us better people, it helped us become better versions of ourselves. It helped us understand, appreciate and respect our world.

We wanted to find meaningful work and I was convinced back then, that my marketing career was dead.


We booked a tour in Colombia and we started talking to the owner about his business. He had a fantastic product, in a growing market, at a competitive price, 

but he was failing to connect with travelers to book his tours.

I offered to help, and we spent the next few weeks together, making changes to his marketing strategy, writing a new plan to better attract guests and persuade them to buy his tours. 

The tour owner implemented these marketing strategies, and his business started to grow, he attracted new guests and increased both his sales and profits. He now ran his business based on what was important to him, consistent with his purpose and values.

 He asked me,  “why do you want to walk away from your marketing career? Your guidance helped me turn my business around.” I answered, “working with you, I realized it wasn’t marketing that I should be moving away from, I need to move toward helping businesses that want to make a positive impact to their customers and to the world. Like you.”

Thanks to many tourism businesses like yours, you played a huge role in changing my views of the world.  

 If it wasn’t for travel, I wouldn’t be the same person I am now.

So, Travel Life Media Was Born

We coach, train and consult tourism businesses with their marketing problems while designing a business that is purpose driven and makes profit too.  We use our 25 years each of skills in marketing (Dorene) and  TV and Video production (Troy) to create content and solutions for the tourism industry.

 Every Tourism business has a purpose. It just needs to be uncovered and communicated to your future guests.  

Tourism is the greatest accelerator for change.

You and your tourism business have the power and ability to change views of your city, your town, your country, and you can create tolerance, build common understanding, and abolish prejudices. 

You can do this with your warm hospitality, your welcome, your safety, comfort and the different perspectives you share, your educational and cultural stories and experiences.

It doesn’t matter if you are  a hotel, or tour, or transport or attractionYOU make an impact on changing humans for the better. 

 But you have to make money too. Purpose is the enabler that leads to profits.


Creating a great experience is good, BUT having a business that allows you to enjoy a satisfied life (purpose), make money to pay your staff, and earn an income is important too.
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