Hi, It’s Dorene again and I’m back to talk to you about another common industry problem.  This one is related to your guests, specifically the guest journey they go through from the time they even hear about your brand to the time they depart it. This is a common tourism marketing problem that I want you to avoid.

The problem arises when a hotel, tour, event or attraction:

assumes every guest is always ready to buy.

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case, and it certainly isn’t in tourism either.

Often, businesses try to sell something to a guest who isn’t even aware of them yet.  

This is like meeting someone for the first time and expecting to go on a date with them.

The guest journey is often called the 5 stages consumer decision making process, or the decision making process model.

One great example of this is when businesses create and launch Facebook ads and they expect miraculous sales because they are just doing ads. Every brand needs to build trust, and travelers need to go through their own stages of discovery, awareness, consideration, and trial to even get to purchase and that journey is different for everyone.

This is the scenario when advertising and marketing can get really frustrating for tourism brands, and many give up, to understand it, you need to know as much as possible about your guest, learn from them, interview them and understand what makes them tick.

That Guest Journey is different for everyone and it takes time.

Our Goal as tourism brands is to build trust and do it as quickly as we can — by speaking directly to them — so they can make a faster path along that journey. 

Think about your research and discovery process is and then how you evaluate businesses when finding something that you are looking for.

If tourism brands don’t understand these buyer steps and how to help guests, it will result in wasted time, energy and money.

If this problem resonates with you, we have a great community group of tourism professionals.

In this group, we to discuss and solve tourism marketing problems like this and more

We would love you to join us, its completely free and you can contribute to the conversation here.

For more videos about common tourism marketing problems, you can find them all there. 

The Guest Journey - Image showing your guests arriving (but this journey means their buying journey..

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