The Guest Journey: What You Need to Know

 I want to talk to you about a common problem I see often in the travel and tourism industry.

It is when hotel, tour, event, attraction and transportation operators assume every guest is always ready to buy.  They are not. Often, businesses try to sell something to a guest who isn’t even aware of them yet.

This is like meeting someone for the first time and expecting to go on a date with them.

This scenario is when advertising and marketing can get really frustrating for tourism brands, and many give up.

See,  potential guests go through a journey, to find a brand, learn about a brand and then decide whether this brand can meet their needs and if they trust them and that journey takes time. 

Think about how you research, discover and then evaluate businesses when finding something that you are looking for.

If tourism brands don’t understand these buyer steps and how to help guests, it will result in wasted time, energy and money.

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The guest journey- Image of travelers and how they buy

About the Author

Dorene Wharton is a tourism strategist, marketer, coach, copywriter and full-time traveler with a 25-year career working in all areas of marketing and sales. She left her corporate job with Fortune 500 hospitality brands to start Travel Life Media to help hotels, tour, attractions and event companies improve their marketing, and live their brand with purpose.
Dorene Wharton