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If you read our post, 6 Effective Ways to Get More Travel Leads, you will know that one of the best ways to find new guests is to create a lead magnet, which is a piece of content that you provide to potential guests for free in exchange for their email. You have seen many examples of this in email marketing and yours will be relevant for travelers.

image explaining how to use a lead magnet template effectively to create a better lead list

A sales lead magnet can be a super valuable content piece because it can be used on your website and with your other marketing strategies, it will help you generate email leads.  It gives your readers value, making them familiar with your company and eventually persuading them to buy from you.The key is to create emails to use it in email marketing. So here is the best tourism lead magnet template to use it in your tourism business.

According to a published  McKinsey study, Email marketing is 40x more effective in converting consumers to buyers than social media. 

Not sure how a lead magnet works? - See example below

The lead magnet template for the tourism industry

Let's face it, we all have downloaded e-books and signed up for webinars at some point, but we haven't really read or attended them, have we? That is because your time is limited.

Although e-books and webinars are high-value, they are hard to consume because most likely, you are busy. Unless an e-book or webinar includes information that you need right away, you will likely save the e-book to read later or file the webinar recording to watch on a rainy day.

What is surprising is that lead magnets for accommodations, tours, and attractions are still not common. Probably, they are not effective, you say. No, it is because they are not effectively used in this industry. 

Examples of excellent lead magnet topics in the tourism industry.

A downloadable PDF of:

  • The best places to eat and drink in your area
  • A walking tour map of your area
  • A short checklist of how to prepare for traveling to your destination
  • A brief document to highlight a local's guide of the best things to do in your area
  • Top tips one need to know before traveling to ____
  • Pre-trip essential information
  • The perfect packing list when traveling to ______


example visitors guide lis from Orlando

How to Develop Your Topic Most Useful for Your Target Guest

  1. Determine the target guest you want to reach.
  2. Brainstorm ideas on the most valuable content to target guests. For instance, what are the most common concerns or questions these guests ask you?
  3. Do a keyword/phrase search of common searches for your city, country, or attraction type. For example, the best things to do in your city that you can create a shortlist of.
  4. Ask for feedback from guests. This is the best way to know for sure if your lead magnet is something that would be useful to them.

How to Decide on the Format 

You want your lead magnet to be of high value and easy to consume to your potential guests. The goal is simple: for them to download it and use it fast.

A several-paged e-book is only valuable for very specific and highly technical areas (e.g. learning Facebook Ads), but it isn't appropriate for your target guests. Remember, they want it to answer their questions fast and help them with their travel planning. People are overloaded with too much information, make it easy for them.

So the best option? A downloadable PDF with one to three pages only. If you can get the information on one page, the better. 


template examples for value for your guests from checklists to travel guides
email list option: a travel guide ebook of Oman

How to Create Your Lead Magnet

Your sales lead magnet does not need to look pretty. What it contains is more important than how it looks. The goal here is to get the email information of your readers and build your lead generation strategy; it's not about having the best design or spending hours to create something out-of-this-world.

You can make an efficiently designed PDF document in Canva, which is a free design service, upload your logo, and add various design elements (e.g. images that may cost $1-3).

Your lead magnet template can also be a simple Word document with your logo and contact details. You can make a nice cover for it, or just make something simple.  Before sharing it to your website, ensure that it is free of spelling and grammatical errors.

Or you can hire a freelancer to create a simple document or design for you.

Follow these steps to create  your lead magnet:  

  1. Create an opt-in box on your website – This is the advertisement of your lead magnet that shows how readers can download it once they fill in their name and email. This is the start of your email marketing strategy to gain leads to your business.
  2. Make a landing page that your readers can click to download your lead magnet and fill out their name and email in your opt-in box.
  3. Launch your lead generation strategy. To launch, you will need email marketing software like Constant Contact, Aweber, Drip, MailChimp, or ActiveCampaign to collect the emails/names and date them for your future email marketing campaigns.


lead magnet template example for a cruise

A simple opt-in box to advertise your lead magnet 

example lead magnet opt in box for bike trips

It can be simple like this - title, short explanation and fill in the box email

This whole process may seem daunting at first, but trying and experimenting with ways to generate new business is what marketing is all about.

Looking for help with your lead magnet, lead list and email campaign? Get in touch with us and we'll show you how.

For more marketing tips and tactics check them all out here.

image for pinterest - lead magnet template

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