The Causes Of A Wasted Advertising Budget

One problem I see all the time with our tourism clients is that they waste their advertising budget before they fully understand their target guest or their own brand.

Have you ever seen an advertisement online and you quickly DELETE the ad because it is not at all relevant or of interest to you?

This brand just interrupted you, and there wasn’t enough interest from you to click and learn more. Unfortunately, this company that sent you the ad, is wasting money. This happens with travel and tourism companies all the time,

Companies often miss 2 Important steps before ADS should even be considered.    

The tourism brand in this example wasn’t clear on who they were trying to talk to.  They didn’t understand who their ideal guest was – who they are, what are their needs, their problems and what are the things that are important to them. This tourism brand may not have even understood their own brand well enough. I’m not sure if they knew what they stand for and how they can help their guests with their travel needs.

Marketing is all about meeting needs and solving problems, then persuading potential guests effectively. So why waste dollars on Facebook ads and Google ad campaigns or even those new pamphlets and posters advertising your business, Until you are clear on the needs of your guest, and how your brand can help them.

Of course there are other reasons for a wasted advertising budget – but these points are often missed. 

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girl with a wasted advertising budget

About the Author

Dorene Wharton is a tourism strategist, marketer, coach, copywriter and full-time traveler with a 25-year career working in all areas of marketing and sales. She left her corporate job with Fortune 500 hospitality brands to start Travel Life Media to help hotels, tour, attractions and event companies improve their marketing, and live their brand with purpose.
Dorene Wharton