Do You Manage Guest Reviews Effectively?

I want to talk to you about a common problem I see consistently in the travel and tourism industry.

It is when is hotel, tour, attraction or transport owners or operators

Don’t use Reviews Effectively to improve their business results

Perhaps these businesses are missing out on some essential facts:

91% of people read online reviews either occasionally or regularly.

84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.  

*bright local 2018 survey

These are potential guests who are ready to buy, and they use reviews as a primary element in their decision making.

And Building Trust is an essential part of turning travelers into guests.

And We all know it is hard enough as it is to find new guests.  

However, many of us don’t want to deal with the very public feedback that comes from online reviews.

And managing all this is just one more thing in the long list of things to do in running a tourism business.

So, my question to you is, can you confidently, ask, answer, and leverage your reviews and create a persuasive profile to improve your business results?

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Guest reviews - do you manage them effetively

About the Author

Dorene Wharton is a tourism strategist, marketer, coach, copywriter and full-time traveler with a 25-year career working in all areas of marketing and sales. She left her corporate job with Fortune 500 hospitality brands to start Travel Life Media to help hotels, tour, attractions and event companies improve their marketing, and live their brand with purpose.
Dorene Wharton