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But what if you want to improve ALL of your marketing, not just reviews?

You will get better tourism marketing starting

March, 2020

For Tourism Businesses that don’t want to just stop at improving reviews

I don’t think you are the business operator just looking for a few tips and tricks to improve your reviews? Am I right? Sure, it will definitely help but, I think you are looking to take your Tourism Marketing up a notch. In fact, you want to bring your A-Game, whether you are in the accommodation, tour, attraction, event or transport business.

Maybe you are looking for more help, something bigger to solve the problems affecting all of your marketing because you often say to yourself:

“I’m not a marketer, all the options are overwhelming, where do I even start?”

“What is the marketing stuff that I have to do, that really works, and books more clients?”

“I don’t have the time to this marketing and sales stuff out”

The Answer…

What if there was a comprehensive course full of marketing tips, templates, and how-to’s to grow your business EVEN IF you aren’t a marketer or techy?

The Purpose and Profit Course gives you big meaty, important tips like how to:

  • Attract the best guests who ‘get you’ and your business.
  • Increase your bookings not with any guests, but the guests who will PAY for your service.
  • Price your products and services for profit and avoid costly discounting mistakes
  • Convert website traffic to guests using the Website Must-Haves
  • Grow your referrals with simple strategies
  • Enjoy running your business for profit AND with purpose and focus on the areas that matter the most.
  • Run promotions and advertising that convert guests and make profits
  • Fix problems and address opportunities with simple annual marketing plans

…and much, much more.

6 Week ONLINE COURSE starting October 7
Fix and resolve your marketing problems once and for all.

This course uses the Proven Profit and Purpose Marketing System we use with all our clients to grow their business with more guests, increased profits will running a business with meaning and purpose.

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