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Stop the Frustration With Managing Reviews Today

Perhaps your approach to online reviews is hoping your guests remembered to submit a review after their visit and hopefully, at least one of them wrote something positive and pressed send.

“Oh no! you think to yourself, what if they weren’t happy with our service and posted a negative review? It’s going to be another sleepless night, figuring out how to respond back, and hopefully, it won’t damage our reputation….”

You know reviews are essential to your business, but who has the time to focus on improving them when there are SO many other things to do to run a tourism business? Your head aches just thinking about the very public and visible reviews anyone can read, not to mention the rejection you feel when your guests don’t respond back. URGH!

Sometimes it’s impossible not to take review comments personally…

Here’s the secret.

The reason why some tourism businesses get better, more frequent, and more quality reviews consistently, is because they have gained confidence in using a process that works.

So, if there was a step-by step approach to show you exactly how to ask for reviews, answer reviews and increase your return rate you get back from guests, would you commit to using reviews to improve your marketing?

And the best part is – you could start TODAY

Welcome to Mastering Reviews to Grow Your Sales

A step-by-step video course that shows you precisely what you need to do to earn more and better reviews so more guests book with you.

This video will explain what the course is all about:

Gain confidence in earning more and better reviews with 30-minutes of video instruction, examples and templates. The course covers:

  • How to get over the fear of reviews
  • How the rating system works and how to use it to your advantage
  • What if you don’t rank #1 on review pages
  • How to ask for reviews 
  • How to answer and come back from negative reviews
  • Which review sites should you focus on?
  • The other big things you need to know about reviews

From Our Founder

Who Am I And What Do I Know About Marketing And Tourism?

Hi! I’m Dorene Wharton Tourism strategist, marketer, and coach with over 20+ years marketing for small, mid-size and large companies and co-owner of Travel Life Media; a tourism marketing and video agency for hotels, tour, event, attractions, transport companies, and language schools.

With my partner and husband Troy, we travel full-time coaching and creating marketing and video strategies for clients all over the world. 

I am no stranger to marketing, I take the best practices from tourism combined with strategies from my Fortune 500 USA and Canada company experience to build PROVEN  digital, website, social, research, branding and sales techniques to give you the BEST marketing to grow your business with both purpose and profit (and you don’t have to be a marketer.)

What Our Clients Say About This

I found the course very useful, not only in my particular marketing area but also because I now feel that I am aligned with the sales department. I totally recommend this course, it will help you to boost your brand and sales.  

Gloria Navarrete

Marketing & Communications Manager, Colombia Immersion Spanish School

Dorene is an authentic world traveler, and understands the travel industry from the viewpoint of a final customer and also of a B2B company.

Rodrigo Atuesta

CEO and Co-owner, Impulse Travel

What Would It Be Worth To You and Your Business If:

  • As soon as you start the course, you can start improving your results in reviews FAST. No Waiting.
  • Quickly, you will discover the things that didn’t work for you before and you have the tools to correct them.
  • Stop the overwhelm and uncertainty and gain confidence even if you hate asking for, or answering reviews.

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