How To Avoid The Top Tourism Branding Mistakes 

The Essential Guide to Communicating Your Business Effectively to Win Guests 

This video will tell you what the course is all about: 


Attracting Guests to your Brand Can Seem Complicated But It Doesn't Have To Be.

I've seen tourism brands create a name, logo and website URL and they assume all the work is done to  attract the right guests to their brand but critical steps are missed in their communications. Missed steps result in wasting money, time and failure in attracting the right guests to your brand. Every business has one chance to create a first impression and connect with potential guests.  

Gain Confidence In Your Branding and Communication So You Can Attract the Right Guests To Your Business

  • Avoid and Understand the Top Tourism Branding Mistakes 
  • Tips you can start today to improve your communication to better attract guests 
  • Stop the overwhelm and second guessing your marketing efforts 

This Course Is For:  

  • Hotels, tour, transport, & event companies- owners, operators, managers responsible for marketing.
  • Travel industry entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start with their marketing
  • Globe
    Tourism marketing managers who want to improve their marketing skills.

How To Avoid the Top Tourism Branding Mistakes

The Essential Guide to Communicating Your Brand Effectively to Win Guests 

In This Course You Will Learn: 

  1. What is branding?
  2. How good branding contributes to the success of your business. 
  3. The number one way to attract your ideal guest. 
  4. The Top 7 tourism branding mistakes.
  5. Correct these mistakes with the 5 essential elements of branding.

Who Am I and What Do I Know About Marketing and Tourism? 

I'm Dorene Wharton marketing strategist, consultant and marketing coach with over 20+ years marketing experience for small, mid-size and large companies and co-owner of Travel Life Media; a tourism marketing and video consulting business.

I  live, travel and work full time where my clients are including hotels, restaurants, event, tour companies and language schools all over the world including United States, Canada, Colombia, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka and India to help them attract the right guest to their brand and improve their profits. 

I am no stranger to marketing global brands. In my career I built successful advertising, digital, social, strategy, research, and sales plans for brands such as Budweiser, Stella Artois, The Macallan Scotch and Jim Beam bourbon as well as brands in the coffee and retail industries.  I love travel and tourism and there is nothing that pleases me more than helping brands grow and improve, so you can enjoy your career in tourism. 

Working with Tourism Entrepreneurs like you, I understand your challenges.

"We would not be where it is if it was not for Dorene's help. This course is a great chance for travel entrepreneurs and small businesses to build the best foundations to scale. Actually, I'd recommend making this course before anything else because this will give you the fundamentals and structure needed to grow a successful travel business with a brand that you feel proud of and that can connect with your audience."

Rodrigo Atuesta

CEO and Co-owner, Impulse Travel

 "This course was the first step, it was easy to understand and apply to our business. We decided to work directly with her to create our marketing strategy and business plans. I would highly recommend this course and go as far as working with her one on one. Its an investment you will not regret." 

Rachel Llewellyn

Owner, Salt Escapes Accommodation and Restaurant

What Wou​​​​ld It Be Worth To You And Your Business If: 

  • In a short time, you learn marketing communication tips that attract guests.
  • Learn from the top mistakes in tourism branding so you don't have to waste your time figuring it out.
  • Stop the second guessing on how your brand can better attract guests. 
  • Gain confidence in the direction you are going with your marketing.  

Sign Up For This Course and Receive:  

  • Video, audio and written course materials to address the biggest tourism branding mistakes 
  • Checklists, summary sheets, resource guides and video links to help.
  • Access to me and my team if you are stuck or need help and guidance.